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Webcomics and comic lists
(Unless otherwise noted, comics are rated Web-G or Web-PG.)
Spare Change Spare Change by Warren Lawrence
Ardra Ardra by Jason Dunstan and Fesworks
Kissing Kerie Kissing Kerie by Austin Taylor [Web-MA: adult themes] - ended and removed :(
These Days These Days by Roz Kwan and Len Will [strong language] - on (indefinite?) hiatus
Welcome Back to Roxboro Welcome Back to Roxboro by Landon Fitzgerald [Web-14] - resuming soon, I hope...
(Need more comics here... Help me out! There's a few I'm looking over currently...)
Comic Genesis Wiki Comic Genesis Wiki - featuring Seriously Suzy
skrrp.net skrrp.net - a site with webcomic links, a few jokes and some humorous e-mails
Online Comics Day 2006 Online Comics Day 2006 - celebrate webcomics on May 5!

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Non-comic-related Links

Wikipedia - the open-source encyclopedia
The Urban Legends Reference Pages (snopes.com) - debunk urban legends and hoaxes in one place
Structure of Summer - local metal group; a childhood friend of ours was the drummer
Inexplicable Object Archive - an old favorite of mine from a while back
Who Would Buy That? - a blog of weird online auctions; bid if you dare...
Skeptic's Annotated Bible - contradictions and other fun things highlighted
The Skeptic's Dictionary - pseudoscience and other things defined
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement - doing my part to save the planet!
This is True - weird, absurd, or stupid news, but it's all true!

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