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'Susan', 1998
From around 1998, a very early sketch of a character resembling Suzy (I think this one was named "Susan".) The sketch is long gone, but I scanned it in while I learned how to use my Mustek scanner. This picture was thought to be lost for the longest time; it was stored on a floppy disk and the picture was almost lost when the disk was infected with a virus!

First sketch of Suzy
By late 1999, I had forgotten about that dream and the character from it. One October night, I began to draw some characters to pass some time. I started to remember the character from the dream and she became my favorite one to draw. Here is the first true sketch of Suzy (which I later used to try out colored pencil combinations.)

Suzy asleep
While 1999 was winding down, I began to refine Suzy's appearance based on the first-ever sketch. I also used that time to refine the art skills I'd neglected after high school. I put Suzy into several different situations and created pictures, like the one above. It has a cartoon-influenced look, because at the time I was planning a few projects including a low-budget cartoon.

Suzy smiling
Another one from 1999; I also tried to create different expressions that Suzy would have. At the time my favorite media were black ink pens (the same ones I ink the comics with) and colored pencils, but I used notebook paper as it was cheaper. As you may see in this picture, my art skills were still being smoothed out. The pic is still interesting because rarely does Suzy give anyone a big grin!

Suzy by Martin
The first fan art I've ever got, back in May 2001 when I was producing Sundae Connection. It was rendered by Martin Lawson, who did a comic called Minor Reality. Minor Reality, currently defunct, also featured characters who were in high school. (Image © 2001 M. Lawson.)

Suzy by Albrecht
A work of fan art I received in 2002. This is a pencil sketch of Suzy by Albrecht (Roz Kwan), who is now a co-conspirator of a Comic Genesis comic named These Days (warning: comic contains some language.) At the time, Albrecht was producing Project 3: Tesseract, which started as NT Nation; later Project 3 morphed into Mitch, then These Days began. Whoa! (Image © 2002 R. Kwan.)

2002 sketch of Azalea
This is a recently discovered drawing of Azalea from August 2002. Around that time I've ended production of Sundae Connection, and was just beginning to think of Seriously Suzy.

Suzy in an outfit
This is a sketch of Suzy from March 2003, in which she's wearing an interesting outfit (I'm not quite sure about that hat.) The sketch was done on a page from a stenographer's notebook, in a softer pencil than I normally use.

A simple sketch of Suzy
This is another sketch of Suzy from 2003 (this is one of my favorites.) I made this sketch in a sketching notebook, but again I used a softer pencil (which made the sketch hard to scan.)

Suzy in autumn
Yet another Suzy illustration, this one done in November of 2003. This was sketched in the sketching notebook, and I used a variety of pencils this time. This is another of my favorite sketches.

2003 sketch of Jeana
I present a sketch of Jeana from December 2003. I have no idea as to what made me radically re-design Jeana (particularly in the hairstyle and face.) The sketch was also done in a stenographer notebook.

First sketch of Gunnar Claussen
Gunnar Claussen (Chauncey's father), sketched for the first time while I was producing the April 19, 2004 comic. Gunnar gets more screen time starting with the May 27 comic.

Various sketches of Danny
Here are some character creation sketches of Danny (Lindsey's boyfriend), made while the May 17 comic was in production. I based some of the character designs on a friend and former classmate (the one who built my newest PC.)

A sketch of Suzy in a different style
Here is a sketch of Suzy I did on Feb. 26, 2005. In this drawing, I was trying to use a different style than I normally use (mainly, there were slight changes in the hair and face.)

A full-face sketch of Suzy
Sketched on April 5, I did this drawing in a portrait style, mainly to keep practicing between comics. The comics usually feature Suzy and the other characters in a slightly-turned pose (where you see part of the front of their face along with part of the side of their head) or a sideways pose, so I did this full-face sketch as something a little different.

A sketch of Danny and Lindsey
This is a picture of Danny and Lindsey, dressed in older vintage clothing, that I sketched on April 9. I drew this in 10 minutes in an effort to defeat insomnia, so that's why some of the lines may be rough. (The faint lines in the background were lines of printed text on the other side. I sketched this on the back of a study guide page.)

7/10/06 - New gallery images follow:

A marker drawing of Suzy looking at a picture
From late 2004, here is an illustration of Suzy observing a simplified American Gothic. This illustration was done entirely in Prismacolor markers, and was originally intended to be at the top of a newly redesigned gallery page. It was put aside for quite a while, as you can tell.

A sketch of Marlene A sketch of Dr. St. Claire
Both of these pencil sketches were done on Jan. 11, 2006, on the same sheet of paper. Here we have Dr. St. Claire (Lindsey's toughest college instructor) and his daughter Marlene. The faint lines were originally guide lines I made, and didn't bother to erase. If you look closely at the paper Dr. St. Claire's holding, you might be able to make out the student's name...

The storyboard for comic A-78
[SPOILER WARNING: do not click above if you haven't seen the comic!]
Here's something that Seriously Suzy readers haven't had a chance to see yet… an actual comic storyboard from my private files! This is the storyboard (from April 6, 2006) for comic A-78, which happens to be the April 12, 2006 comic (which was also the 99th comic.) I try to do storyboards quickly, in 30 minutes or less, using a regular ink pen and notebook paper.

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