May 16, 2008
After some difficulties using The GIMP for the entire comic production process, here's the newest Suzy from yours truly. I eventually wound up using The GIMP for coloring the panels, and iPhoto Plus 4 for the lettering. Taking notes throughout the experimentation process, I think I have a plan for further use of The GIMP for future comics...

April 25, 2008
Hello there! You are looking at the first ever guest comic for Seriously Suzy. This was done by two-thirds of the staff behind Ardra... the dialogue and layout was done by Jason Dunstan, who does the same for his comic Ardra, and artwork and lettering by Fesworks, Ardra's webmaster and the cartoonist for P.S.I. - A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy.

Though this is not the first time Fes has drawn Suzy (see the January 3 news entry below), in this comic she has more than just a cameo appearance (and we get to see her taste in swimwear ^_~.) Also, by going over to the Ardra website, enjoying the latest comic, and voting for it on Buzzcomix (look to the left of the comic) you can see a prelude of sorts to this guest comic (in which Mr. Dunstan becomes the fourth known artist to draw Suzy.)

I've decided to take this summer off from college, given that gas is at $3.50 per gallon and rising, getting kinda pricey to drive around, even in a Mazda, so instead I'll just work some more hours... One of the things I plan to do is a site redesign. And of course maybe a handful of new comics. ;)

April 9, 2008
I'd like to say "Welcome!" to my new visitors from The Belfry WebComics Index. I hope you enjoy the storylines in Seriously Suzy so far; I plan to continue the latest stories and take my comic off this unannounced perennial hiatus sometime soon. It depends on how many courses I'm taking during the summer, if I take any at all. Lots of college and lots of work... ugh. But do check in here when you can, there might be a special treat on this page in about a week... :-)

January 3, 2008
I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and the start of a new year. It's been a long time since I'd updated any page on the Seriously Suzy site, being busy with winding down the fall semester and setting up a newer, faster computer. I just want to point out that Suzy makes a cameo appearance (like a walk-on role of sorts, since she doesn't have dialogue) with dozens (!) of other comic characters in the January 2, 2008 edition of P.S.I. - A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy.

This makes Fesworks (P.S.I.'s cartoonist and the artist of Ardra) the third known outside artist (that I know of) to draw Suzy; Martin Lawson (of the defunct high school comic Minor Reality) did a fan art piece as well as an unreleased crossover comic, and Roz Kwan (last known for writing the long-mothballed These Days comic) created a sketch of Suzy. Both creations can be seen in the Gallery page.

I'd mentioned setting up a newer computer earlier... One of the first things I'd installed was The Gimp image editor, and I can say it's starting to grow on me. ;)

July 18, 2007
Well, I've been busy as usual, being left with little time to work on the next part of the storyline. When I'm not at work I've been getting ready so I can start on my bachelors degree this fall. (I wish I'd started it years ago... sigh...) I'll try to return to Seriously Suzy this fall, but that depends on my work and college schedule.

In comic related news, I've contributed another guest comic for Jason Dunstan's Ardra. This will be my third contribution and this time the inking style is a bit different. The comic should be up Wednesday the 18th, so check out Ardra today!

May 5, 2007
Hello to everyone visiting from the Online Comics Day 2007 site! Due to time constraints, this year I am unable to do something new on the topic of increasing online comics awareness. For OCD 2004 and OCD 2006 I've participated with two unique comics regarding online comics. My OCD 2004 special gives a brief introduction to the subject (the first two panels are there to tie in to the existing Seriously Suzy storyline) while the comic for OCD 2006 (which I like better than the OCD 2004 comic) touches upon the various styles of online comics (with some styles being exclusive to the webcomic form.) I hope to participate in Online Comics Day 2008 (I better start planning something for OCD '08 very soon!)

The comic for May 4 is on the way. It'll be dated May 4, 2007 but it'll arrive late this Saturday (arrgh!)

May 4, 2007
I've been pretty busy on Thursday (5/3), which means that I haven't completed the comic for Friday May 4. It's pencilled, but not inked, scanned, colored, or lettered. I might have it ready by Friday evening, but I can't guarantee it. Also, it looks 95% unlikely that I'll have something ready for Online Comics Day 2007 (Saturday May the 5th) so I might pass on OCD07 :(

April 26, 2007
Special Note: I just fixed the comic situation that I originally reported below. Now the April 6th comic takes place during the Christmas season, and the April 20th comic occurs a few days into the new year. This is just FYI in case the comic swap triggers an update notice at The Webcomic List.

(The comic for this Friday, April 20th, is actually supposed to go before the one from April 6, since the 4/20 comic takes place during the Christmas season (while the 4/6 comic happens sometime after New Years' Day...) I'll have the order corrected later today or this weekend.)

As a temporary fix to the archive page problem, I've turned the page into a complete archive instead (that is, all comics from March 1, 2004 to today.)

The Archive page is supposed to list links to each comic from 2007, but the "2007_archive" Gen-tag for creating that list apparently hasn't been implemented yet. Use the Big Calendar for the time being.

March 15, 2007
Wow... hmm... I promised the return of Suzy sometime in late 2006, and then February of this year. My bad. I haven't been totally inactive regarding creative things: between work and sleep I found time to do two guest comics for Ardra by Jason Dunstan and Fesworks. "Democracy Inaction" is the first one, coinciding with Election Day 2006, and "Like, Gag Me with a Scone" is the other one, taking place in the local Bored & Ignoble bookstore. It felt good to be a part of the guest comic collective helping Mr. Dunstan cope with the loss of his first artist Trevor Adams (yes, Trevor Adams, the original artist of the popular Least I Could Do!) Also, it was a different experience (different, but quite refreshing too!) drawing characters that someone else had created, instead of Suzy and company. With Fesworks now in charge of inks and hues and bringing Dunstan's story layouts to life, Ardra is gaining a following, so much so that the Indianapolis Star newspaper mentioned Ardra, Dunstan (himself a resident of Indy) and Fesworks in an article about webcomics. Check out the guest comics and the article!

Still reading this? All right! Be prepared for tomorrow, March 16! :)

January 30, 2007
Once again, Suzy is on her way back. I'm aiming for sometime during the first two weeks of February 2007, minding February 6 so that the comic readers get to check out Ardra's new artist. Fesworks has taken over Trevor Adams' inks and colors in order to continue Jason Dunstan's adventures of the eccentric scientist and her "twin experiments" (as she calls them.)

And once again, I have stepped up to the plate and contributed another guest comic, this time to keep things rolling until Fesworks' debut. Check out my guest comic, where Ardra takes a break from shopping with her "twin experiments", at!

November 6, 2006
Because it has been a while since I put pen to paper and worked on comics of any kind, I took an opportunity to work on an Election Day-themed guest comic for Jason Dunstan's Ardra. It was an opportunity to get my creative bearings straight (wonder if that phrase has any real meaning...) and also work with different characters and concepts for a change.

Be sure to check out Ardra's visit to the polls today!

October 18, 2006
Welcome everyone who's visiting Seriously Suzy from! You see, every once in a while, the owner of "reintroduces" comics that have been on the list for a long time, in an effort to give site visitors a chance to see older comics, and Seriously Suzy happens to be one of them. The same thing happened before with Sundae Connection,the primitive ancestor to this comic.

Yeah, it's been early August since I'd last updated... you see, I'm starting to get used to my new job and it's hours, which threw my comic-making schedule around. I was used to working on comics late at night, but now I have to get up early in the mornings (and I mean early), therefore it's no more late nights for me! I'll be back at the old comic-making game soon, I'll just have to make 'em in the early afternoon hours instead.

Wondering about the image above? This article explains it. Beware of clown dolls while you're playing "noughts and crosses." ;-)

August 22, 2006
Sorry for not updating last week, or early this week either. Had a long day at work Monday. Also, had some computer work to perform, and with it the resulting downtime: I thought installing one of those new large hard drives would be as simple as taking out the old one and slapping the new one in. Well, at least until you get familiar with 28-bit LBA vs. 48-bit LBA and realize that your computer's motherboard, though it's not ancient yet, won't support 48-bit LBA in its latest (and unfortunately, last) BIOS update. While the operating system will deal with this new-fangled form of LBA (Windows XP with SP2), the BIOS is the only big roadblock until you get familiar with another acronym: DDO! So far, all is fixed up and running, with gigabytes and gigabytes to quickly fill up. :)

By the way, I'm referring to the main home PC, not the comic-making computer; that one's still stuck in the 1990's.

This coming Thursday happens to be a day in Sundae Connection history: it was the 24th of August six years ago when I inked the very first SunConn comic.

August 4, 2006
The new comic for Friday, Aug. 4 will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday of next week. Right now I'm too tired; I've been busy this whole week with work and things around the house.

Related to Tuesday's comic is this first sketch of Saffron and Daisy, drawn in April 2005.

July 18, 2006
Here comes the new comic, which was intended for Friday, July 14. I'm almost done with the new-and-improved cast page... but not quite as done with the gallery page.

Now online: the first comic of Jason Dunstan's Ardra illustrated by Trevor Adams. Click on the banner to check it out!

July 14, 2006
The newest comic is storyboarded, but I haven't even pencil sketched it yet. It'll come later on Friday the 14th or early Saturday.

July 10, 2006
Sorry I haven't updated for almost a month! I had some things to take care of. While I haven't redesigned the gallery page yet, I did update it with four new images, including the first-ever peek at an actual Seriously Suzy comic storyboard! It's all on the gallery page right now!

June 14, 2006
The comic for Friday the 16th may be a little bit late... there's some things I have to do before the weekend comes. In addition to the comic, or in lieu of it, I may put up some artwork that's been sitting around for a while. (That reminds me... I need to really finish the new gallery page!)

A comic that I'd discovered a while back, Ardra, now has a new artist on board. Webcomic fans have probably heard of Trevor Adams, who once did art for Least I Could Do ( - copy and paste it cuz it's not work-safe and contains heavy adult themes.) Trevor has climbed on board to bring Jason Dunstan's unique "twin experiments" concept to life, so check out Ardra, Eileen and Lenore in Trevor's style right now!

June 2, 2006
I have the latest comic storyboarded, but not drawn yet. This Friday's starting to look somewhat busy for me, so this comic may come later on Friday; if not, it'll arrive on Tuesday (06/06/06 - oooh, evil!)

While you wait, here's a joke I sent to a friend a month or two ago: a recent Google search.

May 26, 2006
Thinking of a way to catch up due to not updating during the past two weeks... I'm also nearly finished with the New and Improvedô cast page... until then, here's a banner ad I saw recently...

...and this book cover I saw a while ago on Amazon (the book got recommended to me when I was looking for something else, like, um, whatever...) Hmmm, it's all nice and dandy, seems like a good introduction to the facts of life that parents will inevitably have to discuss...

...but look at the cover, in particular look at that boy on the right... he's whispering something to the girl he's standing way too close to, and at the same time his eyes are looking right at the expecting woman's belly... just what in the world is he whispering...?

Judging by that look on her face, it's probably something disturbing.

Weird boy: "Hey, that looks cool... wanna try it?"
Girl: ". . ."

Um, yeah, whatever, hey, that one kid with the glasses looks like Harry Potter, doesn't he? Uh, yeah...

May 4, 2006
Be sure to come back on Friday, May 5... I am taking part in Online Comics Day 2006! Due to the fact that I'd dusted off my OCD 2005 special comic (because OCD 2005 never happened) and digitally enhanced it for OCD 2006, I am giving y'all a comic for Thursday, May 4!

April 28, 2006
Here's Friday's comic, better late than never. It was payday for me, which falls on the same day as "paythosebillsday." :\ Had to renew my vehicle registration by the end of April ($28 this year) or otherwise I'll be the next "Fat Man Walking." Phone/DSL bill, car insurance bill, power bill coming sometime in the mail, DirecTV bill, topping-up a Virgin Mobile phone account, etc., etc...

I dunno what to do about Online Comics Day 2006. The most likely scenario: since OCD 2005 didn't happen last year, and I did a comic for it anyways, I'll rerun my OCD 2005 special comic for this year (I'll have to touch up the "digital art" panel first.) May 5, 2006 falls on a Friday (part of my current update schedule), so I might have an extra comic on Thursday to compensate for the rerun. :)

My mother became the first in the family to win in the new North Carolina Education Lottery... she won a whopping dollar scratching off a Tic-Tac-Toe ticket! :D

April 9, 2006
As a new week begins, be sure to check out Seriously Suzy. There will be three new comics, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (April 10, 12, and 14.) By the way, the April 14th comic is the 100th Seriously Suzy comic! (The 100 comics figure includes the two Online Comics Day specials, on May 5th of 2004 and 2005, since they are a minor part of the storyline; they almost break the fourth wall, but they count.)

March 7, 2006
We're getting close to comic #100! The March 7 comic happens to be #96.

February 7, 2006
My eyes are no longer crossed now, so I have returned to comic production. Check out the Jan. 31, 2005 comic, which has now been rescanned to add previously-missing details.

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